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Walking the City
The Guided Tour as Urban Practice

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The Lab offers a range of tours in the NYC region that examine urban spaces and landscapes.  For us, the guided tour is an urban practice, both in terms of research and social engagement.  We are particularly attuned to ethical considerations, and we take care to immerse ourselves in sensitive and responsible ways.

Over the last decade, we have developed and conducted tours that engage the following topics:

  • Learning from Roosevelt Avenue: Hyperdiversity in the Global City

  • Long Island City: Crisis Nexus

  • Queensbridge: America's Largest Public Housing Community

  • Foodscapes of the South Bronx: Hunts Point and the Industrial Food System

  • Sunnyside and Jackson Heights: Experiments for the Expanding Metropolis

  • Landscapes of Reform: First Houses, Henry Street Settlement, and Tenement Museum

  • Urban Waterway: Newtown Creek and the Waste Water Treatment Plant

  • The Long Legacy of Religious Diversity in Flushing, Queens

Following is a selection of tour groups we have hosted over the last decade:

  • Zolberg Institute on Migration and Mobility

  • Universidad Anáhuac México

  • University of Macau and Parsons

  • Princeton School of Architecture

  • University of Thessaly

  • Harvard Graduate School of Design

  • University of Vienna 

  • London School of Economics

  • Municipal Arts Society

  • Vassar College

If you are interested to engage the Lab for a tour, please feel free to contact us.  We can give any of the tours listed above, modify them to suit your group's interests, or create an entirely new tour.  We typically charge a modest honorarium to offset the costs of creating and maintaining the tour and its knowledge base.

Meanwhile, you can check out our bibliography on Walking as Methodology.

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