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Landscape Entanglements

This ongoing line of inquiry explores new approaches to the description, analysis, and comparison of landscapes in a globalizing age.  Drawing on geography, anthropology, cultural landscape studies, ecology, and landscape architecture, the work that we undertake in this area considers landscapes as dynamic and ever-changing forms that emerge at the intersection of material conditions and human spatial imaginaries.  We are especially interested in the study of landscapes that defy easy categorization as urban or rural, natural or human-made, central or peripheral--and in so doing, reveal the limitations of such ready taxonomies.  After all, much of the descriptive terminology and analytic apparatus that we apply to landscape studies originates not as universal, transhistorical categories of meaning, but rather as highly particular to Global North / European intellectual traditions. 

"Exploring Oaxaca's Peri-Urban Landscape. "Edge Effects, Fall 2022.

"The Study of Urbanism in Schools of Architecture: Challenges and Opportunities." Lecture at the John Daniels Faculty of Architecture

University of Toronto, May 2022

"Landscape Entanglements: Toward a New Descriptive Project in Planning Theory" (co-authored with Kevin Rogan). Berkeley Planning Journal, 31 (2020).


"Syntopic Landscape: The Wholesale Supply Market at Oaxaca." Photographic essay, Platform magazine, January 2020

"Geometries of Corn and Blood" Dominic Pettman, ed.

Dispatches from the Institute of Incoherent Geography.

Pittsburgh and New York: Flugschriften, 2019.

"After the Fire, Roses." Photograph for juried group show

Core Art Space, Denver, CO, May-June 2018.


"Buy, Sell, Trade."  Photograph for juried group show. Colorado Photographic Arts Center, Denver, CO, Sept-Nov 2017.


"Whose River Is It?"  Rendered photograph for juried group show.  Site:Brooklyn Gallery, New York, NY, May-June 2016.

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