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Here we include a list of venues that publish urban spatial and landscape research content.  Appearance on this list should not be taken as a sign of endorsement, although we have endeavored to include only trusted publications.  We also recognize the ups and downs, highs and lows of both subscription-based and open-access periodicals. 


If in doubt, you can consult the Think, Check, Submit web site, a project to track publications maintained by a consortium of publishers and learned societies.  Their main objective is to guard against predatory open-access journals.  In January 2021 the World Health Organization required all funded research to be published in Open Access Journals, and there are signs that the National Science Foundation will follow suit (presumably allowing a line item in each grant to pay the often high fees associated with Open Access publication). 


If you have questions about any of the publications listed here, feel free to query us, or send a note directly to the editors; they are usually happy to correspond with potential authors.

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