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Mine Yildirim and Joseph Heathcott

Parrots, Planning, and Los Angeles Wildlife

Noah Allison

Macaques, Modernity and Menace in Guwahati

Anmol Chowdhury

Superorganism City: Honeybees, Microbial Genomics, and the Multispecies Metropolis

Tori Coleman, Diedre Brown, Elizabeth Hénaff

The Intimate Frontier of Uncharismatic Microfauna

Chad Connery and Anca Matyiku

When Species Collide: Human Glass Windows and Bird Bodies

Richard Fadok

Axolotl and Tlacuache: Ancient Inhabitants of Mexico City:

María Antonia González Valerio

Women of Color Caring for Cats in Los Angeles

Katja Guenther

Overlooking the Oyster: Planning, Gentrification and the Animal ‘Right to Remain’

Phil Hubbard

Disabled Baboons in Cape Town's Urban Landscape 

Samantha Hum

Spaces of Life Amid Spaces of Death: Small Creatures Inhabiting Łódź City’s Cemeteries

Lucja Lange

Multispecies Meshworks: Human – Canine Encounter in Podgorica, Montenegro

Elisabeth Luggauer

Geese, Voles, Volunteers, and Souls : Lively urban practices on Amsterdam Zuidoost’s Mama Aisa Island

Debra Solomon

Beavers in the Backyard: Placemaking and Neighboring in Three Acts Along Boise’s Riverscape

Emily Wakild and Amanda Ashley

Animals in Ruins: A Radical Politics of Care Amidst the Rubble of Antioch

Mine Yildirim

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