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Carlos José Celis Ortega
Ph.D. Student in Urban and Public Policy

Carlos is a designer and Ph.D. Student in Public and Urban Policy at The New School. He has a BA in Design (2017) and a Master of Public Policy (2020) from Universidad de los Andes. His design and research interests include caregiving policies, public health, and environmental culture. From 2017-2020, he worked as a strategic design consultant for health and financial services in various Latin American countries, and from 2020-2022, he led the environmental culture policy team of the Bogotá City Government.  Since then, he has worked as a research assistant for Milano Research Hub, the Institute on Race, Power and Political Economy, and The Urban Space Lab.


Carlos's dissertation research focuses on the political economy of caregiving systems. He is interested in understanding and addressing the caregiving phenomenon through various lenses: the gender gap; labor practices, including household work and time allocation; care infrastructure of hospitals, households, community centers; caregiving as an urban spatial practice; and the socio-cultural networks of caregiving. He is working on The Care System of Bogotá as a case study, while looking to explore other cities as well. 


Because conceptions and practices of care range across multiple social fields, Carlos's research questions usually require engaging with mixed methods. Furthermore, as a designer and policy analyst, he is not only interested in understanding and describing social phenomena, but also in forwarding policy recommendations and alternatives for social transformation. 

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