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A Laboratory for exploring urban space at the intersection of humanities,

social sciences, and design . . .

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The Laboratory for Urban Spatial + Landscape Research at The New School in New York is devoted to the study of city life in all of its material and social complexity, with a focus on questions of design and spatial justice.  See some of our most recent activities here, and media here.

The Lab conducts research on urban landscapes, built environments, and social relations along a range of continuum, from past to future, public to private, formal to informal, real to imagined, and all of those grey areas in between.  We are particularly interested in the causes and consequences of spatial inequality.  And we look for the many ways that people create, inhabit, modify and transform the environments within which they live and move every day.    

Our work crosses multiple scholarly and practice fields, including architecture, geography, planning, policy, anthropology, heritage conservation, and history. While we are dedicated to basic research, our shared aspiration is to contribute to the creation of more just, equitable, inclusive, and convivial cities.

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